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NewWineLagos RT @NewWineLondon: Karolina had a God-experience when she visited. Check out her story https://t.co/KtJgqoFNoc
NewWineLagos RT @NewWineLondon: Sister Alice is running the #LondonMarathon in April for 2 great causes! Please support her however you can https://t.co
NewWineLagos RT @BrianZahnd: When James and John wanted to call down fire on a Samaritan village they cited biblical precedent. But Jesus rebuked them,…
NewWineLagos RT @LadyJoks: @NewWineLagos - what an amazing place! And an awesome company of believers! Love you all! #DiscoverDevelopDeploy
NewWineLagos RT @NewWineLondon: It’s day 25 of our New Testament daily focus. Focus for today is Mark 1 https://t.co/snrf7LyGpw