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NewWineLagos When you call upon God's name, something happens and you experience a change in your circumstances. #thenameoftheLord
NewWineLagos RT @PastorMichaelNW: My Mentor, Teacher, Leader, Friend, Pastor, Trailblazer, Pioneer and Kingdom General... I am incredibly blessed to hav…
NewWineLagos RT @NewWineLondon: Save the date! Maximise Life is back again this year! Come and be changed forever! https://t.co/6iBAHzEe6K
NewWineLagos RT @DrTayo: Do you know what it takes for God to make extraordinary things happen? The answer may actually surprise you... https://t.co/HiN
NewWineLagos RT @NewWineLondon: Have you pre-registered? Have you saved the date? What are you waiting for?! Maximise Life is back and not to be missed.…